Okay fellow connoisseurs of the curious and fans of the freaktacular, the winner for the Bizarre Giveaway has been chosen (at random using a very complicated system of bibliomancy that my niece, Vivienne, imposed upon me).

So drum roll please…

And the winner of my BIZARRE GIVEAWAY is…

Aphrodisiastes Le Fay!!! Please e-mail with your mailing address and indicating how you would like me to sign your copies of THE BOOK OF THE BIZARRE and BEYOND BIZARRE so I can send you your prize!

Aphrodisiastes Le Fay was actually one of the last few entrants in the contest, I’m so glad she decided to sneak in there before the deadline and am very excited to be sending along her BIZARRE giveaway prize. Thanks everyone for participating, all your comments about Magical Creatures were wonderful, creative, and might inspire another book in the near future… Stay tuned for a photo of the winner’s prize before I mail it and of course: MORE GIVEAWAYS TO COME!

Varla Ventura


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