Paranormal Odyssey

A super fun interview with Paranormal Odyssey Podcast, now available for download HERE. Here’s what the hosts had to say about it.


Author Varla Ventura takes the stage on the Paranormal Odyssey Podcast, and scares the shit out of us with tales of Werewolves, Irish monsters, and Banshees. Keep the lights on when you listen to this one! The Mighty Ants Lipanovic takes the center seat on this one!


malevolent Banshee

3 thoughts on “Paranormal Odyssey

      • “The Book of the Bizarre”. So far, I’m really enjoying it. I love little weird facts like that. I’ve always been a fan of books with sections and information like that. Are you going to do any books on ghosts? I’d be glad to help you with some of the freakiest haunts I know of 😀

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