Tales of the Strange: Season 1, Strange America

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Welcome to Varla Ventura’s Tales of the Strange, a weekly podcast dedicated to strange, unusual and fascinating tales, real and imagined, hosted by Varla Ventura. From snarling beasties and things that go bump in the night to fascinating people and their close encounters, we will take you on midnight ride across shadowy fields and through abandoned corridors. This season, we present Strange America: a state by state journey across the USA. We’ll hear stories of paranormal encounters, investigate hauntings, and explore creepy collections. We’ll speak with fascinating people, learn about hidden America and generally cavort about looking for the dark side of every day. Join us!

Episodes now available!

Alabama: Strange America 1

UFOs, cemeteries and an introduction to the podcast.

Alaska: Strange America 2

Neelie Ravenclaw of the IOPIA (Investigation of Paranormal in Alaska), speaking of black dogs, strange sounds and the darkness of Alaskan winters.

Arizona: Strange America 3

Stephen Hall, the curator of the History of Pharmacy Museum in Arizona. He talks to us if poison bottles, the pharmacy at Disneyland and John Dillinger’s chewing gum, among other highlights!

Arkansas: Strange America 4 

We interview with Cryptozoologist of the Year and Small Town Monsters filmaker, Seth Breedlove and discuss the Bogey Creek Monster.

These lovely episodes were produced by Bo Luellen, who sadly can no longer co-host or produce Tales of the Strange, but who will forever remain a freak at heart.