Book Trailer One: Among the Mermaids Waves Edition

Alright freaks, geeks, and revelers of aquatic feats,

Here it is. This is the FIRST of THREE short book trailers for my recent book, Among the Mermaids: Facts, Myths, and Enchantments from the Sirens of the Sea. This week I’m going to release one a day over the next three days. View each one and then VOTE by commenting on the video that you like the best. The winning video will become the “official” book trailer and will appear on the publisher’s website. To motivate you a little further, I will randomly select a winner from all of those of you who vote and that winner will get a signed copy of my book, some mermaid swag, and the ACTUAL TENTACLE used in the making of Book Trailer Two: Among the Mermaids Tentacle Edition. That’s right, the very one.

Below you will see the first of the three. Prepare to be mermazed.


Waterhouse_a_mermaidThis weekend Tampa area residents will be inundated with the sights and sounds of the sirens of the sea when the 3rd annual Merpalooza takes place, from August 9th -11th.

“MerPalooza is the only gathering of Mermaids in the world which also brings in Experts, Tail Makers, Authors, Jewelry Designers, Artists and Regular people who are fans of Mermaids and Mermen.  If you ever wanted to learn anything about Mermaids – This is THE place to be!”–from the website.

Click the link below to read more about the festival!  and if you go, contact me and I’ll post your pics to the blog!

Merpalooza 2013

Mermaid Kicked Out of a Pool

mermaidSome of you may have already read the recent article about the mermaid in Florida who got kicked out two of the local public pools. Jenni Conti, whose mermaid name is Eden Sirene, lives and swims as a mermaid in Fishawk, Florida. She wanted to swim at the Fishawk Ranch, where she’d previously been before with the okay of the staff. But this time she got the boot, citing safety concerns. The pools both have no fin policies, like many public pools, usually including snorkles, foot fins, and other non-approved floatation devices.

Patrons have surrounded her with support, while others have criticized her for wanting a special favor. Conti insists she just wants a chance to swim with the kids, who of course find her delightful. Her real dream is to swim at the Florida Aquarium.

Conti, a mother of a son, has only been swimming with her fin for about a year. Seven years ago she had a brain tumor and lost the use of her legs. She had to relearn how to walk. When she saw mermaids at a renaissance fair she attended last year with her 10-year-old, she knew she had a future as one.

So she purchased a silicone tail and began swimming with it. (For resources on where to get a tail, plus more mermazing tidbits and stories, check out  my newest book, Among the Mermaids: Facts, Myths, and Enchantments from the Sirens of the Sea.)

Conti says many people have encouraged her, and parents have extended invitations to her to swim in their pools. She plans to eventually charge a fee for private parties but prefers to not charge families–this is why she likes to swim in public pools.

“To just swim with the kids, it’s supposed to be for everybody,” she said.

The silicone tails are for sale at many online retailers and have become increasingly popular over the last few years. There is even an annual Mercon where mermaid performers both professional and everyday folks gather to make a splash in the pool at a Vegas area hotel. Many mermaid performers use their skills of swimming stealth to generate cash, but dedicate themselves to higher causes like crusade for cleaner oceans. Hannah Fraser is one of the most famous, and is featured in the book The Next Eco-Warriors. 

Do you think Conti should be allowed to swim in the public pools?


Mermaids and George Noory: Coast to Coast AM TONIGHT

among the mermaidsGreetings guys and ghouls! I’ll be conversing with the great George Noory tonight, Wednesday the 17th, on Coast to Coast AM and I hope you can join us! The show starts at 10pm PST , and I’ll be on at 11PM PST. We’ll be discussing mermaids, and other strange and mythical beasties, banshees, and things that howl and bump in the night!

Click the link below to find out what stations will be airing the show. If you are a subscriber you’ll get it as a podcast too.

Check out my new book, Among the Mermaids: Facts, Myths and Enchantments of the Sirens of the Sea. and keep your eyes here for special give-aways, Varla-approved book trailers, mermaid swag and other goodies.

Summer reading for supernaturalists!

If you’d like to read an excerpt, click here: mermaid excerpt



Am I Real? The 30 Odd Minutes Interview Link~

Mission 138 – Mermaids with Varla Ventura

It’s also available on iTunes, YouTube, Roku, and within the next few hours it will be available to our network of over 100 cable stations around the United States.

Among the Mermaids Press Release

Thought you all might enjoy the press release my beautiful publicist wrote about my new book! It hits the shelves July 1st but rumor has it you might get it before if you’ve pre-ordered.

Among the Mermaids among the mermaids

Facts, Myths, and Enchantments from the Sirens of the Sea

Varla Ventura
From the seductive sirens of Homer’s Odyssey to the enchanting ballads of the iconic Disney princess Ariel, mermaids have fascinated popular culture for centuries and continue to inspire the imaginations of sailors and landlubbers alike. Here the quirky, factoid-and-lore-obsessed Varla Ventura takes a dive into the briny deep with Among the Mermaids a newly curated collection of classic stories, facts, and tales of mermaids, sirens, selkies, and all manner of fishy business beneath the sea.
Ventura includes turn of the century tales of merfolk from Bret Harte, T. Crofton Croker, and W.B. Yeats, along with tantalizing trivia, facts, first-hand accounts, and speculations about mermaids in popular culture. Sure to inspire and captivate, Ventura’s Among the Mermaids makes the perfect gift for all those who still watch the waves and wonder.
Varla Ventura is the author of The Book of the Bizarre and Beyond Bizarre, and a lover of all things strange, freaky, and terrifying. She is the curator of the Weiser Magical Creatures and Paranormal Parlor series of e-books
Among the Mermaids
Weiser Books
Paperback w/flaps, $15.95
ISBN: 9781578635450
July 2013
Available wherever books and eBooks are sold or through Red Wheel/Weiser at (800) 423-7087,

Sex on the Beach with Mermaids~A Happy Hour of Horrors

As the cold of November settles upon most of us, sinking into the bones and sharpening our breath, even the most heavy-caped of us might find ourselves–even for just a moment–wanting the feel of sand beneath our toes and the lapping of warm waters against our flesh. So how can we achieve these sensations, even with a few inches of snow on the ground? It’s not as (ahem) hard as you may think. Just grab yourself a copy of one of my Magical Creatures eBooks on the topic of mermaids, mix yourself up a potent Sex on the Beach, crank up your heater (and maybe your humidifier) and get wild!

Available now for under $3 you can read these on your Kindle, Nook, iPad or whatever digital creation you’ve managed to procure. Just make sure you read them before you’ve had too many cocktails, as they don’t recover from sticky spills like hardcover books!

The Mermaid of Druid Lake by Varla Ventura and Charles Weathers Bump



Among the Mermaids by Varla Ventura, T. Crofton Croker and William Butler Yeats



The Mermaid’s Prophecy and Other Stories by Varla Ventura



And once you’ve had your night of wild fun, don’t forget to read my post on my forthcoming, full-length book (pre-order here) coming this next year. I’m still accepting submissions about your mermaid encounters. I know you’ve had them. Or if you’ve got some other sea-creature or water-beast hiding in your bathtub, I want to know! If you know pirates, scuba-divers, or oceanographers, please share the call for entries with them.

Sex on the Beach

I got this basic recipe from DrinkNation but I’ve made some notes on variation to really Horror-fy it.

  • 2/3 oz. Schnapps, peach (you can add peach juice if you’d rather, but the Schnapps give it an extra kick, thus insuring you’ll get drunker. I like to use a few frozen peaches as well, but the drink can get muddled–much like your mind when you’ve had a few!)
  • 1 1/3 oz. Vodka
  • 1 1/3 oz. Cranberry Juice
  • 1 1/3 oz. Orange Juice
  • Sometimes I add a splash of coconut rum here, if I have any leftover from my most recent romp with the pirates. Instead of juice you can use a syrup like Torani, and you can even sub raspberry for cranberry.

Mixing Instructions

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass filled with ice.

I like to add a mermaid swizzle stick or at minimum a mini-paper parasol. You can also serve this in a martini glass but once you’ve had your third one you might want to switch to the highball. It doesn’t spill as easy!

Trust me, drink enough of these and you’ll remember a mermaid encounter or two…