Haunted Nursery and Pookas on Huff Po

What was that tapped my forehead in the middle of the night?

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Funeral Parlor Antics on Huffington Post

ImageMy latest article on Huffington Post all about the amazing things funereal homes are doing to say alive! Like adding a Starbucks, hosting a chili cook off, and more. Plus the origin of the word hearse!

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Huffington Post Article on Funeral Homes

Mermaids on Huffington Post

My most recent article on mermaids!

Huff Po Article on Mermaids (click here)

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the enchantments of the sea

Haunted Dorms

I just returned from a lengthy week off-the-grid at my sister’s place, where I spent evenings looking into the starry abyss (for UFOs, of course!) and days swimming in the murky lake straight out of Stephen King’s short story The Raft. The lake was once a blown out sinkhole caused by a mining explosion, and it even has a “plug” at the bottom that leads to an underground shaft. When we were young there was actually a raft floating in the middle of the lake, with a big chain attached to the bottom, that we would swim out to. Until the summer we read that short-story. After that, my sister refused to swim there and I was left swimming out on my own–much more boring. It is murky, icky, oozy, deep blue, icy-cold and completely isolated. In short, it was great! The perfect place for a grown-up-goth to spend her summer days.

Anyway, I got back and had a fun email in my inbox from a reader of my post about haunted places (5 Haunted Places I’d Love to Stay the Night)with a link to an article about some haunted college dorms.

Check it out! I know there are probably hundreds more out there, too!


Big thanks to Crystal for sending this article. And for all you freaks out there, feel free to email me your own freaky stories and links at varlaventura@gmail.com. I will try and post them, and who knows, you might just make it into my next book!


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The Curious Case of the Haunted Toothbrush

In honor of my upcoming dental trip, I’ll share my latest Huffington Post blog with you. Too much Halloween candy!!!


Huffington Post: Get Your Freak On!

Huffington Post’s Weird News is host to many fantastic and freaky tidbits of current events and mercurial musings on all things strange including the paranormal! Well I am honored to join the ranks as a blogger for such a remarkable website. You can read my first post here: