Tonight! Interview with Mark Eddy on Open Canvas 11/4/13

Greetings greedy goblins and lovers of the strange! I’ll be interviewing tonight with Mark Eddy and Thomas Becker, hosts of Open Canvas on Revolution Radio ( You can log in before the show, listen live by following THIS LINK. Scroll down to the bottom and click the Open Canvas link. This will create a pop-up window with a player that will stream the show live. There’s even a chat room you can join: look for Studio A. this is tonight, the 4th of November from 10-midnight EST. That’s 7-9 pm PST.  Come join us for vampires, mermaids, and more!


Church of Mabus Interview! Saturday the 14th @8pmPST

Waterhouse_a_mermaidFans of the bizarre, the fantastical, the supernatural, and the downright weird are likely already familiar with The Church of Mabus radio show. I’ll be on it Saturday the 14th from 11pm EST to 1am EST (that’s 8pm-10pm Pacific coasters!) so I hope you can join me as we discuss mermaids and whatever creepy, freaky, twisted things that lurk in our mutual brains. With hosts Jeffery Pritchett and BeezleBub.


Church of Mabus Show Link 

Reginald and His Goblins Mix it Up with Church of Mabus’ Jeffery Pritchett

goblinproofingYou may recall my earlier review and interview with the one and only Reginald Bakeley, author of Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop. 

I’ll be straight with you: Reginald is a scamp. He knows more about the fairy kingdom than any one I know, and he has the gift of the second sight. But if you ask him, he’ll tell you it’s a curse. While I agree with Reginald that the fairy realm is not one of sweetness and gossamer-winged light, when it comes to waging war on the beasties and nasties we differ. I want to befriend them, run rampant with those troublesome gnomes and bewitching flower fairies, he wants to (I’ll be blunt) kill them. Or at least maim them.

Jeffery Pritchett, aka Church of Mabus radio host and paranormal pursuer extraordinaire, did a really fun, funny, and informative interview with Reginald. You can read it here:

Reginald Bakeley on Waging War Against the Fairy Kingdom: Interview on


Church of Mabus and Varla’s House of Horrors

Just had a great interview with Jeffery Pritchett. Jeffery  is the host of The Church Of Mabus Show “bringing you high strange stories from professionals in the carousel of fields surrounding the paranormal.”

Read about hospital horrors, magical creatures, psychic premonitons, and body snatchers~

Interview on Examiner dot com, Varla Ventura on Real Life Horrors

This video explains how to write a successful horror story by keeping your reader gripped and always wanting to know what's in store for the characters.