A Gnome Roast: A Huffington Post Exclusive~!

Check out my latest post on gnome roasting and other unruly or unwanted Thanksgiving alternatives here:

Varla on Huff Po

Because greedy relatives and drunken sisters are just half the fun of it all!

And get ready for this week’s Happy Hour of Horrors, coming early in time for Thanksgiving. I’ll post it Wednesday, so you have time to go buy the ingredients.


Another Feast for the Freaks

As we all roll out of bed on this post-Thanksgiving Monday morning, possibly still clutching our guts in regret of the pie-we-ate-that-lasted-too-long, we can have a nice snack from an entirely different table. Dive into the juicy tidbits on this wonderful site The Magical Buffet. Lots of fun things, but of course you know I am shamelessly linking directly to my interview with the founder Rebecca Elson.